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Kari H. Langley, DMD
Family Dentistry 

10720 S. Tryon Street Suite H

Charlotte, NC 28273 



Meet Dr. Langley

Not Your Typical Dental Practice

If you are tired of the tradition of spending long periods in waiting rooms, little time with the doctor, and impersonal care, the office of Kari H. Langley, DMD Family Dentistry in Charlotte, NC may be the perfect dental office for you. 

When you arrive in our reception area, you'll be greeted by our Practice Manager, Danielle, who knows your name and will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have through each step of your dental visit. You won't find a closed window placard telling you to sign in on the clip-board in front of you. You'll notice everyone on our team is happy to see you. We don't hide from our guests. You'll immediately notice the atmosphere is relaxing. From the soft lighting and soothing colors to the therapeutic aroma of our softly scented candles, you know this isn't "your typical dental office." Welcome to your new dental home.

Dr. Langley feels that her patients are very important and for that reason she has handpicked the most experienced dental staff in the area. Our Hygienist, Lisa, is a licensed periodontal therapist and specially trained to treat periodontal disease without requiring the need for surgery. Lisa and Dr. Langley work side by side to customize a plan for the health of your mouth. Dr. Langley also wears special surgical loops, which allow her to see 10X more than the normal dentist. Our Certified Dental Assistant Chrissy, will walk you through your dental visit while doing everything possible to make you comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Langley and her team feel strongly about keeping up with the continuous advances in dentistry. As a team we complete over double the North Carolina required hours of continuing education each year in order to provide you with exceptional dental care.

Our patients choose us because of who we are and what we do, not because an HMO forced them to choose a doctor from a list. Our patients value private "VIP" care rather than being told where they can or can't go for care by an overbearing insurance company and getting the "rush, rush treatment." 

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